H.H.G. multistore CE 4.10.3 released

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H.H.G. multistore CE 4.10.3 released

Beitrag von HHGAG » 1. Apr 2017 16:10

- bugfix duplicated recalculation of discount
- introducing content position contact due opt-in privacy acceptance enforcement
- extending search by address book entries
- bugfix permanent SSL usage causes NONSSL/SSL redirect issues
- assign language data to template
- bugfix new product/category buttons missing after product insert
- bugfix mobile view
- removing old moneybookers plugin
- introducing request type variable to setup due ssl redirect issues on some setups
- group multiple who's online entries to one entry
- introducing store dependency to whos online
- introducing product object to last viewed box
- PHP 7.1 preparations and notice fixes
- bugfix missing isProduct check
- set default to not notified
- bugfix hide session id doesn't check if cookie is set
- bugfix missing ot_payment constants due incompatible constant structure
- bugfix ot_payment tax calculation in orders edit
- bugfix currency exchange api update
- adding name parameter to form element
- bugfix db type causes installation issues
- setting minimum PHP Version to 5.5
- bugfix sort filter
- bugfix order status pulldown
- bugfix column structure
- bugfix customers status change
- removing NONSSL/SSL changes
- update to CKEditor 4.6.2 full
- update to ADOdb 5.20.9
- update to jQuery 3.2.0
- update to jQuery UI 1.12.1
- update to PHPMailer 5.2.23


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